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Jun 12, 2012

Hey all,

Creating a course in Storyline. Using hyperlink text. When you hover over the hyperlink text, the text has a highlight/background color. I am trying to figure out how to remove/change this color. I've already read through this discussion:


and I am confused because according to that discussion, the hyperlink highlight color is the text colour, but at 80% opacity. However, this doesn't seem to be accurate because I have black hyperlink text but the highlight hover color is a bright lavender. (Not the grey you would expect if it was 80% opacity of the black text).

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas? I don't want to use a transparent shape or another type of trigger, I'd just like to find out how this hyperlink hover-highlight color is selected and how/if I can change it


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Christine Connolly

It's good to hear that the issue with the split lines will be addressed.

I also agree with Sarah's point about hyperlink hover colours. Our hyperlinks sometimes appear on both dark and light backgrounds, so a single hyperlink hover setting doesn't work well. I think control over hyperlink hover colours is an important feature for Storyline users.

Anne DeFelice

I am also having the problem of the highlight color being black and opaque. This happens on one slide of my course, but it works correctly on other slides. The slides are all using the same theme, and the font color is the same as well. 


For the problematic hyperlink, when I try to fix it by adding a word on the same line (which did not help) the part of the hyperlink on the second line is not highlighted.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

I'm sorry you're seeing some oddness with this hover color too - but I took a look at earlier discussions here and it doesn't seem that we've been able to recreate it in the latest versions of Storyline.  Can you tell me more about how you've set up your slides and hyperlink?

Detailing the exact steps and sharing a copy of your .story file may be just the clue we need to track this issue down! 

Ryon Brown

Color management in Articulate Storyline 360 has got to be scrapped and started over. I cannot change my hyperlink text color. If I select grey, it goes to FULL BLACK. Then in trying to figure it out, I have 75 custom color themes and no way to edit or delete them. Also, please don't label something "Text/Background - Dark 1". What does that even mean and what does it affect?? It's been a month and I still have not figured out how to get rid of the lavender color on hover for my hyperlinks. I just want to change it to a light grey. Please help keep a former graphic designer from losing his mind. :)

CT  Learning

Just chiming in.  I am having the same issue where, I have one text box, it is a bulleted list and it is a table of contents.  I think the hyperlinks might have originally been made inPPT.  But I am getting the issue where the default highlight, rather than be transparent, an opaque box is showing up when mouseing over the hyper links and obscuring the text.  The first link in the list works fine it shows up as a transparent box, the other 3 hyperlinks in the list show up opaque boxes when moused over.  Chalk this up as just another fundamentally broken feature of articulate storyline that you can't use.

Sam Hill

I have built a table of contents, white text on dark blue background. When I hover over the text, the text is unreadable as the hover state does not contrast with the text well enough. Is it correct that the hover background colour cannot be configured? Is this still a limitation in 360?

Normal: http://prntscr.com/mkvy45

Hover: http://prntscr.com/mkvy9b


Christine Patnude

I had this problem also, but not on all slides in my project, just random ones, and also in some slides, the highlight took over an entire paragraph of text. I didn't want to change the colors because everyone on this project is using the same color theme. I put white highlighter over the hyperlink, then used the space bar and the backspace key to go over the areas that did not have text, but were still in purple. That worked. There must be some extra coding that was copied in. I tried removing a hyperlink, typing it in word pad, and pasting it from word pad, but it didnt' fix it. 


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