Hyperlink not working...


I have a Storyline file with three hyperlinks. Two work, one does not. The hyperlink is to a Sharepoint site and has worked inother courses. It works when I use the green arrow to test.

When the course is published in Saba, the hypertext text formatting is visable (blue underline), but when clicked, nothing happens. I've checked and there is nothing on the timeline in front of the text.

Have already deleted and re-entered the text, re-published, re-posted, etc. Not sure what else to try!

BTW - the other two links are to two different areas within a web site. They work just as desired.

Any ideas?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judy,

If hyperlinks are working inconsistently you'll also want to check that you're testing the published output within the intended environment as described here. There are also a few web server options you're welcome to use there for testing purposes as well.

Next, is it possible that the link it being blocked by a security setting either within your browser or Sharepoint?