Hyperlink Not Working

Jan 23, 2013

I inserted a text box and added a hyperlink.  I tested it to make sure the link works, and it does, but when I publish to Web, nothing happens when I trigger the action.

I tried creating a hotspot as was suggested in other posts, but this did not work as well.

They hyperlink trigger works when I publish to CD, but I really need to be able to publish to Web.

Any thoughts??

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Peter Anderson

Hi Shannon, welcome!

To properly test hyperlinks in your presentation, you should publish the presentation for the same environment where you will eventually host the content, and then test it in that environment. Otherwise, local security restrictions may prevent your hyperlinks from working properly.

  • Web - Upload your presentation to a web server and view via player.html.
  • LMS - Upload your presentation to your LMS and view the content as a registered user in your LMS.
  • Articulate Online - Upload your presentation to your Articulate Online account and view the presentation in Articulate Online.
  • CD - View your published output using the Launch_Presentation.exe file.
  • Preview - Testing hyperlinks in Preview is not supported. To test a hyperlink you should publish your content and upload your content to the environment you published for. If you aren’t ready to upload your content, test your content by publishing for CD and view by double clicking theLaunch_Presentation.exe file in the published output.
Shannon Keating


Thanks for the quick response.  We are using the presentation on the web and put it up on a private site to test.  Everything worked fine, but when you click the hyperlink it opens a new browser window that is just blank.  When I published for Web there wasn't a player.html file.  Did you mean something else when you said to view via player.html?


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