hyperlink not working in SL360

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday we noticed a strange issue - a hyperlink that was working fine in previous builds has suddenly stopped working, and it isn't working neither in the Preview version, nor in the published Review link, nor in the SCORM package.
It was working fine previously and nothing in the link was changed - we just published a new version of a file and now the hyperlinks seem to be corrupted. It doesn't help to delete and re-insert them, and no other fixes we could think of have worked either. We have the newest Storyline 360 version.

Has anyone else encountered the same strange behavior and have you found any fix for it?

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Elena Montano

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the quick reply, I'm seeing this in the desktop version.

Let me know if you need my SL file to look into this issue.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Elena!

We'll take you up on the offer to test your Storyline file. Use this private upload link:

We'll publish it to Review 360 to troubleshoot the hyperlinks and let you know what we find!

One more thing! It looks like your contact info came through to the public forum. If you'd like to remove it, click this link and make the change.