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This is the first time I am working on storyline and have a client demo this friday. The problem im facing is kind of weird...none of my hyperlinks (to urls) work in my published file. The hyperlinks are present in various layers of a slide. (Slide treatment is of a FAQ page with around 15 questions, learner clicks each question to uncover its answer which is provided on a new layer. Once he has viewed the answer, he can go back to the base layer to select the next question. FYI: Out of the 15 layers which has answers, 2 layers are again triggered to open into sperate slides (new scenes) where the learner can see some application simulation and return back to the FAQ page once done to view more). However, if i just copy paste the slides into a new atriculate file (with default player settings) and publish, the hyperlinks work perfect!

I have already mapped the settings in between the two files and yet no success.  A quick solution would be greatly appreciated!



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Adrian Dean

Hi Sonia,

I published your project file for the web locally on my computer. I click on the story_html5 and it loads in my browser (Chrome) and then I go to the FAQs slide and click on the first question. The slide plays out and the links become available. I click on each of those links and they take me to the specified URLs. 

Some questions:

Which browser are you using?

Where is your published course located? Locally on your computer? Web server? LMS?

Always Happy to Help,