Hyperlink to document not working

Hi. I followed Jeanette's tutorial on how to add a hyperlink to a document, in this case a PDF (http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/adding-hyperlinks.aspx)  

The PDF appears in the External Files folder in the published output, and I can open it from there. But absolutely nothing happens when I click the hyperlink in the published course. I have tried making individual hyperlinks to both the shape and the text, as well as a hyperlink to the the entire grouped object. I also created a button instead of a shape, and it does nothing when clicked also. 

Any ideas before I submit a ticket?  Thanks in advance - as usual, I am up against a deadline. :o)

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Jill Freeman

Matthew, thanks so much for the link to the test server. I wish I had that years ago. 

Phil and Matthew, you are right on that my problem was caused by not playing it from a web server or CD exe file. The PDF opens just fine on my website.

When Jeanette indicated the PDF is embedded in the course files, I just figured it should open after being published. NOW I remember that I had the same issue with the Attachments in Articulate Presenter.  

THANKS for your awesome help!