Hyperlink to end of timeline of new slide

Hi, I hope everyone's well?

I've got a hub page within my deck that has 4 links to 'learn more' sub pages.

When users navigate back from the sub page it defaults to the beginning of the timeline of the hub page, which means they have to listen to the commentary and animation again.

Is it possible to hyperlink back to the hub page at the END of the hub page timeline, so they don't need to hear the same commentary and animations again?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Nick,

In order to do this I suspect that you need to duplicate the slide on a layer with no animations or narration, and set up a variable.

Once reach the end first time, the variable swaps, (e.g. from False to True), then insert a Trigger to play the duplicate layer "When the Timeline of the Slide starts" if the Variable = True.

That way it will just jump to the "static" and non-narrated duplicate after being seen the first time.

I just have that on the Base Layer and no other layer when I create a hub menu, but do not have the animations issue to get over. May be a more elegant way to do this.