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Hi All,

I've looked around at the forum and found a few posts on this topic, but I'm still unable to get my link to work. 

I've saved my PDF file and my storyline files in a folder on my desktop. I hyperlink as per usual (insert text, Hyperlink on the Insert tab>To file). But once I publish this the link does not work. What is up? I don't have a way to test this at the end user's site, unfortunately... let me know if anyone has tips!


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Glen Murdock

This is a really strange behavior indeed. I inserted a few PDFs into the 'Resources' section of a recent project and then followed the instructions here:


...to link the various resource files to be opened via a click on a button on a slide. However when it was published and uploaded to the LMS we use, it did not work.

Interestingly enough, a coworker explained to me that I was going about this the wrong way. Apparently, you're actually supposed to NOT upload the PDFs into the 'Resources' section but rather just link directly to the files on your desktop or wherever they might be found locally. When you publish and upload the Storyline file, the PDFs somehow are packaged up and made accessible when you launch the course through your LMS. I published to SCORM 1.2 standard, if that helps any in understanding this situation.