Hyperlink to second website and open in same window as first website, not storyline course window?

I have 2 hyperlinks on a screen, each opens a website. Both are set to open a new window. If one is clicked and opens a new browser window, how can I click the second hyperlink so that it opens, replacing the first hyperlinked browser window. The storyline browser window should not be replaced or closed. Possible? Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard, 

So the second hyperlink is currently opening in the same window as Storyline instead of opening a new (third) window? If you've set the hyperlink to open in a new window as detailed here, I'd expect that to be working as expected, so I think we'd want to take a look at this particular slide which is behaving oddly. Have you tried it in different browsers to narrow down that as a root cause?