Hyperlinks added to multiple choice question feedback by choice statements aren’t retained.

As part of a module I'm building, I've creating a multiple choice quiz. Each quiz question is designed to provide specific feedback to the learner based on which choice the learner selects. In each feedback statement, I've inserted a hyperlink to a specific support resource available for the learner to review.

The problem occurs with the hyperlinks I've inserted into the feedback prompts. Although the hyperlink opens the correct URL during creation (i.e., when I click the Check Link icon), when I Preview or Publish my quiz questions, the hyperlinked text appears blue and underlined, but doesn't do anything at all on mouseover (i.e., the cursor does not change, and the link is not active). When I go back into my STORY file, the hyperlink I entered is totally missing from the feedback prompt. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  • Attached is a detailed "Steps to Reproduce" document that describes what I did to create the multiple choice question
  • Attached is a sample STORY file that contains one multiple choice question
  • I uploaded the same one-question sample to


 on November 30, 2015.

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Sarah Dahl

This is a very irritating bug, I hope Articulate looks into fixing it. I've put the links in through Slide view and through Form view, and I would guess that 60% of the time they break / disappear. And it's not consistent! Links that have been working for ages suddenly stop working when I haven't even opened that slide.