I'm having trouble with hyperlinks in my Storyline tutorial.  The last project I did was no problem.  I included URLs in the resource panel and also within the slides and they worked.  When I test the links in the development mode they work but when I publish the project they don't work.  I've read all the discussions about this issue but much of it is above my head.  I need a simple, straightforward answer as to how I can make this work.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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Walt Hamilton

The most frequent cause of this type of problem is publishing to one mode and testing in another mode. If you publish to SCORM, you must load it to a SCORM compliant LMS, such as ScormCloud.

the easiest test is to publish to CD. That way you can find the launch.exe file and run it from your computer.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mary!

In Articulate Storyline, you can hyperlink to web pages, files, other parts of the same course, and email addresses. See this tutorial for details.

I'm not sure what you mean when you mention development mode vs published. How are you publishing and sharing your project?

If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share your .story file.

Mary Field

I'm publishing it for the web.  My customer posts the published project to their server and then gives and URL to the people who are going to view the project.  This has worked in the past.

I also reviewed the tutorial link you sent me and that is exactly the way I insert the hyperlink.  When I test the link in the hyperlink dialogue box it works.  When I publish the project and hover over what is supposed to be the link the little hand comes up showing that it's active but when I click on it - nothing.

As a separate problem a project that I had completed for a client and which had been successfully accessed via the web publish/server post/URL distribute method suddenly couldn't be accessed any more.  I've read all the posts about this issue and nothing has seemed to work to sort it out.

If I were to send you my project for diagnosis what format would it need to be in?


Mary Field

In a previous series of e-mails I was questioning why my Storyline project
when posted to my customer's website wouldn't work properly. It had text
missing and in general didn't behave the way I thought I designed it to
behave. The customer has advised their registrants to download Firefox in
order to do the module as their webmaster has told them it won't work with
Explorer or Google Chrome.

I've posted it in my Dropbox and you can retrieve it via the link below.
Could you please look at it and see if you can analyse the problem? (And
please don't laugh at my amateurish attempts. I've seen some of the work
your e-Learning Heroes have done and it's so good I feel nervous to expose
my work this way.)


Mary Field

Sorry for the confusion. I don't know why the Dropbox link wouldn't work
since it has previously. Maybe that's what's creating the problem when I
send the files to my customer's webmaster. Perhaps they're posting the
wrong version of the file or something.

However, Wilbert Mariano of your tech community has since come to my rescue
and sent me the protocol for uploading the file so he can review it. It's a
large file and I had to leave it uploading when I went to bed. Does this
fellow stay up all night? He was e-mailing me late last night and early
this morning. I couldn't believe it. Since it has been uploaded to the
articulate 'heroes' team do you have access to it as well?

The module I sent is one of a total of 5 (I think) in the complete project
but I figured if I was doing something wrong or publishing it in the wrong
format the first module would help uncover that.

My main problem is how to make if functional when someone is using the
standard browsers like Explorer and Google Chrome. I opened in on my
Samsung smart phone and it displays with the same problem of loss of
functionality and content.

Anyway.maybe you're off the hook. With that said, I've enjoyed your
tutorials and other contributions to the forums and your responses to my
direct questions over the year or two I've been using Storyline. So...I
welcome your insights.

I think if you went to my customer's website and clicked on the
'introduction' link you'd be able to see the problems.


As always, e-learning heroes are my heroes.

Mary Field

Mary Field

We've discovered at this end that the problem was not with Storyline but
with my customer's server. They were unaware that they were dealing with a
re-seller of server space and that in fact the server housing their data is
located not in Canada but in Houston, Texas. I understand that (in my
simpleminded terms) the Houston people provide inexpensive server space but
they stack too much into the server which makes things slow and inefficient.
We tested the Storyline projects on an alternate server and it works just
fine. It's a good thing we went through the process because my customer is
a government agency and they can't have their data stored in the US where it
is vulnerable to the Patriot Act.

I appreciate the support and I have just now upgraded from Storyline 1 to
Storyline 2 and that makes me happy because I didn't want to have to learn a
new software and I didn't want to leave the wonderful support team and the
online forums.


Mary Field.