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Dec 11, 2015

Hi there,

Is it possible to host hyperlinks in the notes player tab?

Please advise, thanks!


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Michael Shannon

Emma, if you're referring to can you include a link in the note then the answer is yes. Just use the full address including http. A few things to keep in mind:
1. You won't be able to use preview to check your link. You'll have to publish and upload for testing.
2. There isn't any visual indication to the user that the address is a link. 
3. The link is automagically generated so you don't get to use nice things like you would if you were writing it in HTML like this.

Emma Prophet

Thanks very much!

I am trying to preview and test the links now. I've published the notes tab in my player, but all the links don't seem to be "clickable"...like the information is there but it hasn't 'linked' to anything. When creating in storyline, I noticed I can't "insert" a link in the notes tab when I'm creating either, just all text really.

Once you are viewing the notes in the published application, can't copy and paste into a browser either...hmmmm.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emma,

Are you viewing the published output locally or have you uploaded to a web server or LMS? If you're testing locally the published output may not work as expected and you can use one of the testing options in this article. 

If you're still having difficulty could you share an example of what you've set up so that we could take a look? You can post the .story file here using the "add attachment" button.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emma,

Sorry for not understanding, did that allow it to work? If not, could you share a copy of the .story file here with us? If you responded via email and attached it that won't be included in the forum post as you'll need to visit the particular forum page to upload files. 

If you need to share privately  you're also welcome to send along to me here and I can take a look at it. 

Susan Alderson

Can you link to a file in the Resources link from the Notes tab?

Can you link to a SL page from the Notes Tab?  AND/OR add a button.  It would be great if I could have a button in the Notes tab that then would then allow me to light box a page.   I want to do this because I have a single page with layers.  But I only want the notes/script for each tab/layer to appear. When using layers, the Notes tab covers all the layers/tabs and is not specific to each layer.  I thought a work around might be if the Notes tab could have buttons, then I could have links to display the individual layer content.  Ideally could the Notes tab be specific to each layer - a feature request?  Added quick image of tabs/layers for this concept.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

I'll answer each question separately!

Can you link to a file in the Resources link from the Notes tab?

There isn't a built-in feature to link Resources from the Notes tab. I'm interested to hear if any of our coding experts in the community have a workaround for this.

Can you link to SL Page from the Notes Tab?

There aren't links generated for each slide so there wouldn't be a way to link slides in the Notes Tab. However, you could add a slide that has buttons and triggers to jump to specific slides.

I'd love for our team to see these creative requests! Here's our feature request form!

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