Hyperlinks lost on object states


I have a text box. The text box contains 4 hyperlinks. I want to change the colour of these links when the user has clicked these links (the links open a new layer, rather than webpage). I have created new states of the object text box to reflect the colour changes and I have triggers which change the state of the object (text box) when a user clicks on any of the links.

Here is my problem though: When I change the state of the object text box, I can no longer click on the hyperlinks that are clickable on the normal state of the object (text box). Any idea why this is happening? Or is there a better way to reflect colour change when the hyperlink has been clicked.



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Rahul Jain

A single visited state won't work in this case for me. Here is the setup that I have:

4 Links and the user can click any one. Only the link that the user clicks should change (and all these links are in the same text box). I have therefore 16 states (counting the normal one where no link has been visited) and I switch to an appropriate one depending on which link has been clicked (keeping in mind the previous links that have already been clicked).