Hyperlinks not working on certain computers

Hi All,


We've developed a training course that runs on our LMS (Net Dimensions)
The course contains several hyperlinks that either open a URL or unhide a caption. On our machines this all works fine, URL's are opened and the captions are shown. Yet we have a customer on who's computer this doesn't work. Some hyperlinks do work, others do not, although it is the same set of files. Java security is OK as well as the popup blocker settings.
When the mouse hovers over the hyperlink, it changes the pointer to a hand.

Has anybody experienced something similar, if so what did you do about it



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Terry Coe

I have seen this when the hyperlinks are pointing to an internal network site. If the customer doesn't have access to the internal site, or location, the link doesn't work. I would check the firewall settings on your network or move the location of the referenced files to alleviate the issue.

Hope i Helped!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geert,

I'd agree with Terry's thought that the link is likely hosted somewhere that particular user can't access. If they're all hosted in the same place could there be different permissions or settings based on the page/url/document that you're linking to?  Do the links open a new page/tab or just nothing happens? Have these particular users also looked at testing it in different browsers?

Geert De Rycke

Hi Ashley, Terry,

None of our hyperlinks point to a local/private website. The odd thing is that the same happens  when that user clicks on a hyperlink to open a lightbox opens or show a layer. Sometimes it works other times it doesn't. We have tried all the general browsers, IE/FireFox/Chrome


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geert,

And it's just that one user or the client in general? So clicking things such as hyperlinks in general and then items on the slide that'll keep them within the Storyline interface both don't work? That makes the situation sound even more bizarre - any chance of capturing a screen recording of it? 

Geert De Rycke

Hi Ashley,

She's the only one accessing the course in the organisation.
To give you an example.

There are slides that have, and hyperlinks linking to webpages (when clicked) and unhiding captions (when hovered over), some of these hyperlinks do work and others do not. On my machine all hyperlinks and unhiding captions do work.
I have tried

  • Rebuilding the course
  • Deleting all hyperlinks on 1 specific slide and reapplying them
  • Deleting of onf the faulty slides and and reimported it
  • rebuilding the slide from scratch

None of the above worked. I can not capture it, and I can not visit the user as she's about 3500 miles away and capturing the screen in this case is not an option. If it were only one slide I would say, let's try to circumvent the issue by splitting the slide; Yet as it is on a lot of slides >15, it seems a bit to much of a hassle to do...

Funny enough, the hyperlinks are recognised as the pointer changes into a little hand. I remember having issues after an import (after translation), the hyperlinks were there, the code was there as well but nothing happened. I had to relink all links...

So all ideas are welcome.


Geert De Rycke

Hi Terry,

Unfortunatly not, the ActiveX and flash controls are enabled and the Macro Media Security Settings are correctly set too. The hyperlinks that are not working are a mix. that is some point to PDF-files which are within the realm of the course, some links just reveal a caption when hover over and yet others link to an external URL to which Everybody has access.
The only possible think I can think of is that their organisation has some specific security settings in their policiy settings. I've asked their IT department to take a look into it