Hyperlinks not working when published on SharePoint

I have used Storyline 2 to create a "schedule" for an upcoming conference my company will be delivering. This schedule includes links to register for specific courses we are offering via our LMS . I published the course to Web, added the contents to SharePoint, and shared the flash object story link to launch. I chose the flash launch link instead of html because the html link has a series of pop-ups required to launch the course in SharePoint. When I hover my mouse over the hyperlinks, the little hand icon appears, but when I click, nothing happens. How can I fix this? The links work if I open the html document from my articulate folder.


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Adam Gwaltney

Thank you. I prefer not to use the .html file because my company SharePoint site wants to download and open the file as a document which requires several steps. I discovered that if you save the story.html file as story.aspx, it will open on one click and includes all the assets and links.