Hyperlinks to Anchors in Web Pages or Documents

Alas, I am still using Storyline 2...

I'm running into issues creating hyperlinks to anchors within a PDF and/or web pages. I put the  link in that designates a particular page, but when published, the link defaults to the first page of the document. When I'm trying to connect to an anchor on a web page, I receive a 'not found' error message. Is there any way to connect to a specific page in a document or to a specific location on a web page?



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Brian Allen

Hi Wendy,

I created a new SL2 project and added a link to one of Articulate's tutorial pages, specifically to a page anchor on rearranging player items.

I uploaded the published story file here - http://s3.amazonaws.com/tempshare-stage.storyline.articulate.com/sto_1bmn47n521v2313ongv9a3drqq9/story.html

And attached the .story file to this post.

Hope this helps!