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Jul 16, 2012

I have placed several hyperlinks in a course and none are working.  They work when I click the green checkmark.  I've double-checked everything and they don't work after they're published and uploaded to our server.  I created another course in Storyline a few weeks ago and those hyperlinks all work!  They were puslished the same way and are on the same server! Everything looks identical with the way the hyperlinks were created.  I cannot figure out what the problem could be.  I've checked that there are no layers, nothing is grouped and the text that I'm hyperlinking is on top (Bring to Front).

Can anyone help, please!  My course is ready to go live, except for the hyperlinks.

Thank you!

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Adrian Dean

Hi Lynda,

Here is a tutorial for reference on adding hyperlinks in Storyline.


Okay, three questions:

Do you mind uploading your file here so that I can take a look? Also are you using a LMS? Could you post a link to your published course on your server as well?

Always happy to help,


Adrian Dean

Hi Lynda,

I figured that you had already seen the tutorial. I posted it merely for reference purposes. I am glad that you solved your issues right now. 

Do you still have a copy of the old file? You might submit that here so that I or someone else could take a look at it and see if we could figure out what the problem was. 

If you can, submitting a support case to Articulate might be best too.

At least with those options above, you might figure out what had went wrong, or at least get a more definitive answer.

Always Happy to Help,


Mark James

I am having a real problem with Hyperlinks. At the end of my course I have it so that when they click next it is supposed to go to an external website. I give them the choice of clicking next or a picture which takes them to an external website. I have read the tutorials and followed the elearning forum discussions, and tried many combinations including shortening the URL using Tiny URL.

I am getting really frustrated with it.

Help please!!


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