hyperlinks to pdfs not working inside sharepoint 2013

Jun 05, 2013


I published my SL course in web format. 

the SL course is hosted in sharepoint 2013.

My problem is the hyperlinks to PDFs are not being accessed. I get an error that the page could not be found.

The links work when i tested the SL course in tempshare.articulate.com.

Can anyone help me to make the links work in sharepoint?

thank you very much for the help in advance.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Ceasar:

Do a little test:

Create a new webpage (something simple) published as HTML and only containing a hyperlink to your PDF file in SharePoint, then upload it to SharePoint.

Publish it to SharePoint the same way you published your SL project.

Try the link when viewing the site and see if you still have the problem.

If you still have the problem, contact your IT to resolve it because it may be security rights related.

This will isolate Storyline from the issue and confirm that SharePoint is the issue.

If the test above works, then you can directly launch the PDF in SharePoint and collect that URL to compare to your Storyline URL in use.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Caesar Aycocho

thank you for the reply dennis.

i did some researching and it seems that sharepoint restrictions include file and folder names ending in "_files", etc.

While bulk importing content from the file system (e.g. images) via the PRIME API, I found out that SharePoint does not allow folders that end in “.files” or “_files” (which my customer just happens to have). This is apparently aknown issue (at least as early as 2008-06-28).

I have initiated a change request to correct KB 905231, as follows.

In addition, file and folder names cannot end with:

  • .files
  • _files
  • -Dateien
  • _fichiers
  • _bestanden
  • _file
  • _archivos
  • -filer
  • _tiedostot
  • _pliki
  • _soubory
  • _elemei
  • _ficheiros
  • _arquivos
  • _dosyalar
  • _datoteke
  • _fitxers
  • _failid
  • _fails
  • _bylos
  • _fajlovi
  • _fitxategiak

unfortunately, there is a folder in the publishing SL course called "external_files"; it contains all the linked pdf files.  this is causing the problem when launching the hyperlinked files.  it is a known issue with sharepoint.

is there a way to rename the "external_files" folder once it is published so it will not have this problem when publishing to sharepoint?

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