I am getting a different passing score than I set

Hello Heroes,

I have an interesting thing that is happening to my course after it is published to an LMS, from Storyline 2. I am using SCORM 2004, 4th edition, and Maestro 5.0 LMS system for reference.  

When I created the course, I set the passing rate at 85%. When testing the course, if I pass the test, it says that the minimum score required to pass is 85%. Here is where it gets interesting. If I were to fail the test, the results slide states I need 84% to pass.  

In my course's test, it doesn't change how many the user can miss between 84 and 85%, but it definitely is bugging me and my LMS admin. 

Has anyone else experienced this issue?



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Allie Munro
I haven't seen this issue before. Although I don't know why Storyline is saying 84% when in fact you set the score to 85% in the results slide.
Can you trying making a new textbox and referencing the score variable there and see if it keeps reading 84%?
Here is how:
If that solves the issue I would just replace the text box with this new one.
Also, if this is indeed the only problem, can you not just hard-code Storyline response to say 85% by using a text box and manually writing "85%"?
The last part of your question was a bit hard for me to understand. Is you LMS recognizing that the passing score is indeed 85% or is it saying 84%? If its saying 84% and Storyline is indeed saying that, then there must be a problem with the results slide. Perhaps deleting and re-creating the results slide?


Terry Coe

Thank you for replying.

So the LMS is acting weird on this course too. I have assigned it to almost 3000 Learners already. As of this morning there were over 2000 with passing score and completion in the LMS. The interesting thing is that there are about 150 that the LMS wont give completion. I have attributed that to the LMS and its different interactions with the various browser settings.

I think you may have hit on something though with the percentages for passing. Does the results slide need to show the variable for passing score in order to give completion? 

That would be an easy fix if its the case.



Allie Munro

No, The variable is past to the LMS regardless if its on the results slide or not. I would double check you are indeed reporting based on Results slide and not based on slide completion. Its strange that those 150 were not set to complete if they indeed past. 

There must be a common denominator between them. I unfortunately don't know the exact issue here. Of the 1850 that did pass, was this reporting as 85 %or 84%?

Allie Munro

I think there is an issue with your results. I recommend you create a text box and reference in your result.percentage variable. Try taking the quiz a few times with different variations and see if you can duplicate the issue.

Note:  I believe Storyline rounds up what you see. So in the back-end it may be 84.567% however if you reference it it will be a whole number 85%. If this is the case try altering your point system to ensure it lands on a whole number.

Terry Coe

My quiz has 16 questions. The passing score I set in the results slide was 85% when I published. so the difference isn't even a whole question, really, because regardless, the learner can still only miss two in order to still pass.

For the ones that aren't getting completion in the LMS, the LMS isn't reporting a grade whatsoever. Some are saying they got 100%, but others aren't telling what they got.

I will remake the results slide and republish to the LMS to be safe.

Thank you for your help with this.


Terry Coe


Thank you for responding. Its been a while..

When I published, I based completion off the results slide. There are about 5 slides after that though. I did put a exit course button after those slides. I hear that they might be closing the course after they get the results, but I thought that would be ok considering how I am assigning completion.

Is there any way to get the window close button off the player so I can prevent this? Could I disable that button until the timeline on the results slide completes?

How long after the results slide comes up with a passing grade does StoryLine take to assign completion?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terry, 

I'm still here! 

There isn't a way to remove the browser close button. It should be assigning completion when they hit the results slide and that passes the results immediately. I mention the browser close, as I've heard of users mentioning their particular LMS doesn't report the completion when the user exits the course in a particular way - so you'd want to test that in your LMS set up or ask those users who are receiving the odd status. You could also look at enabling LMS debug mode to see the data is passes back and forth if you're clicking the browser close button on a new version of the course. You could compare that if you're able to upload in SCORM Cloud as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger

No problem Terry - and if you're still having issues at SCORM Cloud and you're able to see in the debug that Storyline isn't passing things s expected - we're happy to take a look! Our team is taking some time over the holidays (and I hope you are too!) - but let us know here or reach out to our Support engineers and we'll get you some help as soon as possible! 

Have a great holiday!