I am new, just finished my 30free trial- How do I get my content on my website?


Our website is with WordPress/Lan Bran and I would like to post my Elearning content to my training page for viewers to view. I do not need LMS capabilities at this time, or what all Articulate Online does, as I am just trying to provide content to view not requiring that they take a course and it be tracked. I looked into getting the plugin in wordpress but not it sounds like that might be an additional fee? Also, I work at a non-profit and getting my boss to buy Storyline2 for me to use in itself was a task so I am a little worried I wont even be able to post it.. any thoughts would help at this early stage. 


Thank you guys, I am so excited to be apart of this community, you guys are doing AMAZING work out there! 

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Thanks Leslie!

So I was able to publish the course via web publishing and after working with our website guys able to publish it online (http://austinecho.org/agency-admin-training-101-2/ ). My concern is I am getting a pop up screen when I go to upload it that is now saying "The trial version only supports three uploads. Please purchase the full version with unlimited uploads at www.articulatefreak.com" and this additional feature is $99. Have you seen this before? I was under the understanding that having the "web publishing" mode was enough for me to get my content online. 

This might be need for a different comment, but any advise would be welcomed! Thanks again Leslie! 





Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tina!

Glad that you were able to get that taken care of.

The website that you are referring to indicates whatever Wordpress plug-in that you are utilizing. That has nothing to do with our software.

I cannot offer any advice on that piece.

Perhaps someone in the community utilizes it and can chime in.