I am not able to appear & disappear the text & buttons.


  I have created free text box exercise where functionality should be  work as mentioned below.

  1. Question Stem

  2. Free text box appear on screen default.

 Now submit button will appear after enter text in the free text box.

   3. After click on Submit button all the below three part should be disappeared.

         3.1 Question Stem

         3.2 Free Text box

         3.3 Submit button

4. Then drag & drop exercise will be appeared in existing slide.

Please suggest me the functions by help of it I can accomplish above functionality in storyline.

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Helen Tyson

You need to use Change of State triggers to do this, so for example:

Your Submit button would have an initial state of Hidden (set in the states tab).

Create a trigger: Change State of Submit button to Normal When Control Loses focus from Text Entry box - although to be honest I'd have the submit button showing from the start, that way you can type and click it straight away rather than having to type and click somewhere else to move the cursor out of the entry field to make the button appear.

To make things disappear use more triggers to change the state of the question text and submit button to hidden when the user click the Submit button.

However, text entry boxes don't have states so you can't make them disappear. 

I'd recommend splitting these onto separate slides, but if you must have both interactions on one slide, I would have a full slide shape that sits on top of the text entry, that is initially hidden, but becomes 'normal' when you click the submit button.