I am unable to fetch score from freeform side in result slide.

Sep 01, 2016

I want to figure it out how can i fetch score points, in result slide. I have created free form slide, added triggers to verify if the answers are correct or incorrect. 

In form view of slide, i have assigned points in Correct =  10 and Incorrect = 0.

In feedback row, in end its also showing that custom made layers will be graded with these points defined, But still when its comes to result slide, the user score and passing score remains empty.

Need Help!!!!

Have attached file, Kindly provide with solution.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mehran.  I took a look at your project, and I think it's a good exercise for math education!

There were a few crucial pieces missing for a quiz question to work.  On a text entry question, only one text entry field will be evaluated.  Since you have multiple fields, this type of question wouldn't work without extensive workarounds.  Also, generally in Form View, you'll need to always identify a correct answer so that the course can evaluate if the question was answered correctly.  You also need to have a Submit interaction trigger so that the results will be adjusted based on the answer-- that trigger is generated when you have a submit button on the player, or when you build a custom submit button and create the trigger yourself.

The short story is that you won't quite be able to get this question to work the way you have it set up.  The alternatives would include:

  • breaking this question down into multiple slides with correct answers identified and a "submit" trigger on each one, or
  • using a Pick One interaction but having the answer choices and their associated radio buttons off stage (right off the slide, out of view) and using triggers to "select" the right radio button based on what is entered into those text entry fields.  That way, the text entry fields will determine if the "correct" answer choices is chosen, and the user can submit the single interaction.  Check out this killer tutorial on just how to do that.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.  Of course, other folks are welcome to chime in here as well!

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