I can not use the letter combination ''ti''

I created an e-learning with a lot of open text boxes (text entry). 
If you, as a participant, want to fill in something here, you can not use te letter combination ''ti''. If you type ''ti'', these two letters wil immediately be removed again.

I only have this problem when i follow this e-learning on my ipad ore iphone. 
I can use the letter combination ''ti'' on my computer. 

I used Articulate 360 to build the e-learning and published a Scorm 1.2.

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Joshua Crigger

Hi Hilde,

Sounds like you have run into quite the little issue here. I have taken some time to test creating a project which uses open text boxes throughout in Articulate 360 and is published using Scorm 1.2.

I was not able to replicate the specific issue you have experienced. Would you mind sharing your project files? Not sure if you saw the recent update to Articulate 360 yesterday but maybe work upgrading to see if that remedies this problem as well. I just upgraded so if there was a bug in the previous release I am not seeing it in the new release.

One great way to do a simple test to see if you can replicate this would be to start a new project and simply add a textbox to it, publish as Scorm 1.2 and test it from there. This is what I did. See attached file and sample here: http://joshuacrigger.com/at/tiTest/story_html5.html