I can't access what I published at www.articulate-online...

Apr 11, 2016

I published my work on Friday. I created an account in articulate online and uploaded the link to an LMS. I was horrified when I saw that the material that I published is not available. Please help!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lorena -- Thanks so much for reaching out and so sorry for your frustrations! Please bear with me, but could you please provide a bit more clarification on the steps you took?

First, did you create your course locally as described in this article: Create, Edit, and Publish Articulate Storyline Courses on Your Local Hard Drive?

And as you mentioned an LMS, are you using Articulate Online in particular? If so, here is information on Manually Uploading Your Content to Articulate Online.

Or, if you are using an independent LMS, can you please share the name of which one you are utilizing? Here is the info you'd need to Publish and Share Your SL2 Content, as well as additional information on Publishing a Course for LMS.

And finally, may I ask if you are also able to successfully upload your content to the SCORM Cloud, as that is the recommended testing environment for LMS testing? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lorena!

There is not a number for customer support. It's hard to provide support via the phone for our products. There are options available to screen sharing and web conferences that Renato could share with you. Our full support options are listed here, but I would be sure to respond to your case for further assistance.

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