I can't export for translation

Hi guys, 


I'm hoping you can help me with this one. I have a file (just 82MB). 7 Scenes, 9 question banks. Quite a lot of text but not the file is not big. And I'm trying to export this to Word as usual (FILE/TRANSLATION/EXPORT TO WORD) and it takes 2 hours to get 50% then it crashes. Is it normal it could take Storyline 4 hours to export text for about 200 slides? HELP! 
Another thing is that while Storyline is exporting the file for translation I am NOT able to use the clipboard as it constantly adds stuff to it. Is this software that limited that it has to use Windows clipboard for such a task? HELP! 

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Katie Gokhshteyn

Hi, Betty. Thanks for reaching out, and brilliant move to also open a support case for this behavior!

I see my teammate, Christopher, asked some follow-up questions to help us get to the bottom of what's going on behind the scenes. 🔎

Be sure to share those key details with him, and we'll work on some next steps!