I can't make the triggers right in a drag and drop

Jul 22, 2014

Hello All

I have worked with drag and drop with convert to freeform and I have 6 workers, and when a picture came in a round circle,you can read somthing about themself.

But there is two thing I can get right as I want it.

When I take the picture tto the round circle first it work fine, but if there is a picture before I cant drop it, and I also want that picture there are there before should disepar when I drop the new one.

I have make it so if I click outside the circle it will disepear, but it's not the right way to do it.

Is there anybody who can help me?

I have insert my AS file so you better can see how I have don'it.

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Kevin Dixon

I made a hotspot on each layer and pasted all of the pictures on each layer. I told each layer in the properties to hide each layer. And changed each person to show that person layer when dropped on the hotspot. I hope you can understand the way I explain it. I do the work better then explain that is why I just went ahead and did it. I know how to make it work just not real good at telling anybody how to do it.

Bo Toennesen

AHA now I get the point

I make only trigger for person 2 on layer to, but not for the other persons. So when I came to layer two there is not all that triggers there need to get it to work, and the same with the other layer - of cource. An that layer I am on should for that layer I'm on because that trigger is activated - YES now I get it!

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