I can't preview the entire project, but I can preview each scene. I also can't publish the file properly. What is working wrong?

Hi Learning community,

I am creating an assessment with 2 quiz bank. I can preview each scenes, but I can't preview the entire project. Moreover, when I published the file with HTML, it does not work either. Do you know what I can do with these issues?

I am using Storyline 3 by the way.

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Crystal Horn

Hello Junko!  Whenever there's an issue with previewing AND publishing, I can typically find something corrupted on at least one of the slides in the project.  We can't always figure out how an item became corrupted, but removing it and rebuilding generally works.

  • When you preview each scene, are you able to view all of the slides?  Do any of them freeze?
  • Can you preview all of your question bank slides successfully?

My usual process is to preview each slide to find the one that will not work.  I then cut items from the slide one at a time until the slide previews (cut, preview, undo, and then cut something else).  If you'd like a hand, please share your .story file here.  I'll see what I can find!