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Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas

Hi Matthew - Hi and thanks so much for your response. I panicked a bit there. 

Great to hear the posts can still be seen - I can't see them unfortunately. That's why there are two posts - because I couldn't see the first one and thought it had failed somehow.

Hopefully someone at Articulate can help with no being able to stay logged in here/at Review later on.

Thanks again for your help :)

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Joel!

It looks like you got great advice from Matthew (thank you, Matthew!). The post has been fixed, where I see another community member stopped in to lend a hand. Glad to see you found the answer you needed! 

Regarding the login issue, I replied to your other post here and shared your experience with Cleo in your support case. Look out for his email soon—we'll help lift this boulder out of the way!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Rick!

So sorry to hear you're also facing login issues and a great move to open a case! I see you were working closely with Jopney. Since she's familiar with your setup, I'm going to share your latest update with her so we can have another closer look. Look out for a follow-up email soon!