I cannot open a story file. Incompatibilities between storyline 2 and newer versions??


I need to open a story file that was created apparently in a newer version of storyline as the following message appear "This project cannot be opened. It was created in a newer version of storyline".

What can I do to be able to open the file. Does it means the training was done SL3 or 360?

Thank you in advance.





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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carla, 

Storyline 3 can open files from Storyline 360, as long as the SL360 file doesn't include features not included in Storyline 3.

So for example, if a new trigger is introduced into SL360 and you use it in your course, that file will no longer open in SL3. You could remove the use of that trigger, and then it should open normally.