I have two different Assessments, need to report one or the other

Apr 22, 2015

I built this Beautiful course in Storyline 2. It is based around the pull theory, with a catch. If the learner decides to go directly to the Assessment, they will encounter a tougher quiz than if they go through all the scenarios to teach them the material. Here is my issue. 

In order to make the different quiz I have a variable path in my course. Basically I end up with two different Results slides, when each learner will only reach one of them. How do I get this to give completion in LMS, regardless of the Assessment the Learner takes?


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Sara G


In the attached SL 2 file you'll find three quizzes. I created triggers such that the 4th results slide submits the results of the quiz/path that the learner completed. I tested it on our LMS today, and saw that it would only record the score if the learner passed the quiz, and it reported 100%, not 33.33%. 

Let us know if you see the same results. The top choice is always the correct answer.


Sara G

I realized my pass.point etc selections in the previous posts's file were not correct. And since I had pass score as 100%, I wasn't seeing the problem with the way SL submits scores to the LMS.

Here is the SL file with the correct triggers. But I'm not getting the score submission to act the way I want. Although I have 50% as passing score for the three results slides of the quizzes, it records 100% when I pass one of the quizzes. What's great is that it won't record a score if I fail the quiz (i.e. get 0% because I get both questions wrong), but when I answer one correctly and the other incorrectly (i.e. get 50% score), it still submits 100% to the LMS. So I guess, this file works if your quizzes' passing score is 100% - because there won't be a discrepency between the score the learner got in one of the quizzes when s/he passed it and the score the LMS shows.

p.s. I could have sworn after saving and reopening the file, the triggers automatically change from pass.percent to pass.point... 


Terry Coe


My separate quizzes were meant to give someone who knows the material, and wants to test out, a different difficulty than someone who goes through the teaching scenarios. 

I have since canned the idea, not only because the difficulty getting Articulate to report from mulitlple results slides, but because of my timeline on the project. I went with only one assessment and one difficulty level, but found that I could reward the learner that goes through the entire course with easter egg answers to the assessment questions. 

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