I'm facing a problem when I press ctrl+d in Storyline 360

Hi I'm working on a project in Storyline, it never happened before, when I press ctrl + d to copy a text box it triggers the close down program because of an "encountered problem"????

Never experienced this before? It happened three times and, obviously didn't save what I've done. 

Any help please?? 



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Tizi Cavagnoli

Hi I use Storyline 360 and I updated it last week.
It never happened before, I managed to reopen the project but I don’t like the fact that unexpectedly when you use ctrl + D or T (not always) it closes the program. If you haven’t saved, like I did, it cost a lot of time to re do everything 😲( . Shouldn’t happen
Thanks for any help that can explain what happened

Tizi Cavagnoli

I have encountered a problem working in Storyline 360. While building a course using the Ctrl+D combination to copy shapes or other thing on my slide, it triggered the shut-down of the program. This forced me to close everything. For these projects I work on Google Drive. You already justified the fact that working on Google Drive can be unstable, but is there any way to fix this problem? Paying my subscription, I expect that everything offered works perfectly!
Thank you very much for your support

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tizi, 

It sounds like CTRL +D has been mapped to another system shortcut for you? I know that I experience that same behavior in my VMWare environment running Windows 10 on my Mac when I use CMD +D instead of CTRL +D. Are you also working in a Mac set up? 

Does Storyline shut down, or give you the same error message as you saw previously? 

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Tizi,

Have you made any other changes to your set up recently? Perhaps a new Windows update? I'd start with a repair of Storyline as Alyssa shared before and if that continues to happen - does it happen in any other applications or programs? If not, our Support team can take a look at some of the error logs being generated by Storyline - reach out here and they'll walk you through next steps.