I'm going to beat the drag and drop function with a stick

May 22, 2012

The drag and drop function is driving me nuts and i have spent way too long trying to figure out why it behaves incorrectly.

At the moment I have a drag and drop function where a user drops and email into a box (they are actually dragging and dropping a see-through picture on top of the email).

When they drag over the box a plus sign appears - when they aren't over the box a crossed out zero appears. If you drop the email in the wrong spot it returns to it's start location. Annoyingly it goes back as the crossed out zero. To fix this I made a trigger that if the email is dropped anywhere but the correct location it changes state to be a see through picture.

However that trigger seems to make it so the email doesn't return to it's start point, instead it goes to approximately the middle of the slide!! This happens with drop target snaps on or off and with either return to start point option selected.

I can't upload the file but the picture below shows the trigger that stops the 'return to start point' from occuring.

 By the way  in the trigger shown 'rectangle 1' takes up the whole slide. I have tried it with ectangle 1 in place or without it and all but the drop area selected.

All help appreciated.

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James Brandwood

Problem not solved, but worked around.

Instead of having the trigger turn the email into a clear picture when it is dropped anywhere besides the correct location, I have set a state called 'Drop Incorrect' - which matches one of the 'built in' states.

This makes an automated trigger that does the exact same as my trigger except it doesn't stop the picture from snapping back to it's start location.

It would be nice to find more information on the 'Built in states'. I've looked through the tutorials and can't find anything that refers to them at all. This seems odd since they could cut down your work and time when you are making triggers and changes of state - I sure would have liked to have known they existed, or that there are any default triggers like them before I started creating all my own triggers . I only found out they exist by looking through John U's Fireman story.

I would still like to know why the trigger I made prevented the 'return back to start point' function if anyone has an answer.

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