I'm looking for a particular cartoon interaction

Hello all.  I'm looking for a particular comic strip interaction.  I saw it several years ago and have not been able to find the demo.   I'm almost certain the comic strip theme was used. The unique thing about it was the interaction. The character "told" a story and presented different scenarios that the learner chose .. once chosen the story continued using the learner's choice of solutions.. If the choice was wrong, instead of displaying "sorry that's wrong", , the story  progressed to show what happens based on the learners choice of the wrong solution.  The learner would be given the opportunity to choose again and so on . When the learner chose the correct solution the story would proceed to the next scenario until the learner chose all the correct solutions and the story ended.  It was very complex but intriguing and I would like to use something similar but I need the example to demo to upper management for approval to begin the MANY hours that will be involved in building the course. I know I could build it but I would prefer the demo to present for approval before putting in the hours to build a short sampling.  Thanks to all who respond.

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