I'm unable to access my Storyline 3 courses that are resident on my computer.

I have been working for several months developing the script for an upcoming course I will be creating.  Consequently I haven't opened any of my Storyline courses in several months.  I just tried to open one of them and it keeps asking me to input my e-mail address and password and when I do it tells me I have to refresh my browser.  What does my browser have to do with it and how can I open up my courses?

Mary Field

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mary!

I am happy to help! It sounds like when you open the story files, you're prompted to sign in. After signing in, a browser opens. What website does the browser open?

It would be helpful to see a screenshot or screen recording of how this process occurs. Would you mind attaching either one to this discussion?

We'll keep you updated on our findings!