I'm working on my own challenge : ) Attempting to control navigation and combine it with animation after user completion.

The question lies where navigation control meets animation, and I'm not sure the best way to achieve both concurrently. I'm familiar with creating animations and changing states, but could use a refresher on use of variables. There doesn't seem to be a state change able to control population and animation from  the "Intro Scene," so I'm not sure what my next step would be. Thanks in advance for any help!  I've attempted to control animating the breadcrumb using the "Intro Scene" state change but it's not meeting my goals.

After user completion of "Intro Scene #1, my goals are to ...

1. Change the state of the trail signs to "visited" after users click (which I've done:)

2. Change the state of the "bread crumb" to ...

(a) "hiker populating on screen while  stepping up and tossing a breadcrumb up and over his/her shoulder to the right and

(b) play audio file of "hiker walking in the woods".

Please see my slide attached. Tks in advance for any and all suggestions!


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Alexander Salas

Hi L'Oreal, 

I work on Module 2 which now changes your breadcrumb in the main menu. Originally, you had groups, but groups can't have States. Check the States on the #2 button so you can see how to work the rest of them. I put a "Module2 T/F variable" in the Knowledge Check of Module 2 that changes to "True" when visited. 

L'Oreal Battistelli

Hi Alex, the triggering you created has the animation populating "when Module two is true" (aka when the learner ENTERS Module Two." Is there a way to program the trigger to populate the animation when the learner EXITS/COMPLETES Module two with a passing grade (10/10) instead? 

The learner is only being asked one T/F question, so they will either earn 0 pts. or 10 pts., and I want them to be able to return if they answer incorrectly. There are a million trigger variables: which one do I select? I've attempted several to no avail; this is why I'm reaching out. Tks!!!