I need BEST PRACTICES Advice re: Recorded webinars

Hello, I am often in receipt of recorded Webex mp4s from SMEs across our business, recordings I am tasked with adding into our LMS as Storyline courses.
I need to know: 
1.  the best way to convert them in VLC media player in order to assure they will not be compressed by Storyline. 

2.  ideally this way creates a smaller file than what I'm doing now (choosing H265 & mp3); one hour recordings are huge when they are still clear enough to be useful.


I have also included screen shots of the other fields or settings I can adjust. 

Be kind, please ;) I'm primarily a classroom facilitator tasked with trying to build LMS courses in Storyline. 

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Mary Teresa Goeman


You can put the MP4's directly into Storyline without converting them.  Are they too big of files do you think?

In Storyline 360 you can insert a video onto a slide (INSERT >> VIDEO >> From File).  Then in the video options tab, select the drop down next to Compression and select "None"

If you need a converter, a great video converter that I use is AVS - you can get a lifetime license to all the tools (including the converter) for $60.


Kat Magnuson

Webex recordings are among those that Storyline is going to compress, period. I can't tell it not to compress them. So I know I need to convert them from webex's mp4 "version" to some other mp4 version,  through conversion  in VLC or Handbrake. And I need the result to not be a huge file. At least not bigger than it already is! Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone