I need help on a test Drag and Drop test, 3 attempts doesn't seem to work


I just can't figure out what I'm missing or what I'm not doing incorrectly for the attached drag and drop. This should be 3 attempts, then the Incorrect layer would pop up. Instead, it's endlessly shows Try Again layer.

I got the Correct layer working, it's just the Incorrect layer wont' show up after 3 attempt. Any help appreciated.

Thank you,


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Garth Yorko

On the Try Again layer the trigger to Adjust the DragDropAttemptCount variable happens after the trigger to Jump to This Slide and Hide this slide.

Because the Jump to Slide trigger and Hide layer trigger happen before the variable change trigger, the variable never changes.

Simply move the Adjust variable trigger to the top of the list so it occurs first when the learner clicks the Try Again button