I need to include a whiteboard in my course

Oct 16, 2020

I am a math teacher, and I need to handwriting to solve math problems, so my question is: How can I incorporate a whiteboard into my course?


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Ned Whiteley

Hi MT,

Are you wanting to physically interact with the whiteboard or are you looking for a solution to simulate you writing on a whiteboard?

If it is the former, I'm afraid I can't help. However, if it is the latter, this example that I made a while ago may be of use to you. In the attached example I have simulated the output from a typewriter and also the effect of writing text on a page of a notebook (probably more what you are after).

To achieve this look, all you need is your background image (a whiteboard in your case - see options in the Content Library illustrations), a text box containing the text you want to place on the background image in an appropriate font and an animation to make it all happen.

I have used a Wipe animation from the left and a "By paragraph" sequence from the animation effect options, with each line of text on the notebook being a new line and not wrapped text. If the text wraps onto the next line, both lines will appear at the same time when it wipes from the left and it will look very odd.

Hope this helps, but if you have any further queries, just get back to me here.

math teacher

thanks very much Ned .

I need to open online  whiteboard or any software for whiteboard from inside a slide in the course and use it when viewing the course to do my handwriting in explaining math questions.
In short, I want to write handwriting while presenting the course but by whiteboard technique
I don’t know whether it is possible through the web object to do this thing, or is there another way.

Ned Whiteley

Hi MT,

As I haven't used a virtual whiteboard before, I can't really comment on whether or not you can set it up as a web object. I would have thought it would be possible to call it up from a slide, but if you needed to share the whiteboard with others, you would probably need to set that up manually.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but hopefully someone else from within the Articulate community will come to your rescue shortly.

Susan L

I have done this by purchasing an html colouring book page and adding a blank page to it rather than using the predefined images included. I uploaded the software to my computer and then called to it in storyline using a web object.

Unfortunately I'm not technical and did this a couple of years ago so can't remember much more than that. But I purchased the colouring book from codecanyon if that helps.

Susan L

If I could remember what I did step by step I'd let you know but it was so long ago I can't unfortunately.

I bought the html colouring book from codecanyon and I think I contacted the makers of the book about how to add my own images (i.e. a blank page to write on) and remove their prebuilt colour pages. If I remember correctly I think they were very helpful and provided me with instructions.

It has crayons of all different colours but no pen. It works well as a scribble pad really, where you can hand write things to students on the screen. It doesn't save the screen but it did have a print feature.

I think I uploaded the colour book to the back end of my website (I think this will only work with a storyline project uploaded to the web). Plus I uploaded a blank page image at the size the makers of the book recommended. Then inserted it as a web object in Storyline in the normal way calling on both the colouring book and the blank page.

I hope that helps a bit. 

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