I really need som help with this issue!!!

Hi all. I asked on here about this issue a few months ago but none of the recommendations has provided a fix. I am asking again just in case anyone else can help. I really am desperate.

I have a 95 slide e-learn published in Storyline 360. The player is set to 'prompt to resume' on restart. Quite simply, if the learner gets past the 28th slide then leaves, it always resumes back on the 28th slide.  As you can imagine, this is very frustrating for the learner who leaves on slide e.g. 70 and then has to go all the way back.

None of my other 10 e-learns all published in 360 have this issue. I have tried everything and I am now loosing the will to live! All helpful comments welcome.

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Mark Lentz

Just to tag on to what Phil said -- if you go into Reporting and Tracking options during Publish (screen cap attached), you can still pick the edition of SCORM 2004.  If you are using 3rd edition or above, then the reason your course comes back to slide 28 is not due to the bookmarking data limits, but for some other cause TBD...