I remove triggers, but they always come back =/

Aug 22, 2012

Why articulate keeps adding these triggers "Hide this layer when timeline ends" and "Jump to next slide when timeline ends" by itself?

Everytime I open my project I have to remove these triggers from the quiz questions because they always come back.

How can I fix it? Is that a bug?

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Alan Santos

Simon Perkins said:

I reckon I've seen the odd trigger reappear too, but not quite as you explain it.

Does it still happen if you do a reboot?  I take it you're using a full production version of SL and not an old beta/RC?

You might need to send a copy of your files to Articulate .. .they'll be along soon to advise.

Actually, I think they reappear randomly, not only when I open the project. Im using the trial version.

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