I should know the answer to this, but I'm afraid I don't: updating to the latest patch of SL2

Last week, SL2 fell apart on me at a particularly bad moment, and I lost a day's worth of work even though I'd been saving my work on a regular basis (it was that "file in use by another process" error).

The articles I found had two primary recommendations to avoid this error:

  • Work off your local hard drive instead of a network drive, and
  • Make sure you have the latest patch installed

Well, I've adopted the first bullet point, and checked the version I'm currently running (5.1505.15), and I see that the newest version is 1509.1408.

It looks, though, like if I were to download the update, I get an entirely new build of the complete program as opposed to a patch.

Is that correct, and are there any other things I need to be careful about when I'm doing the update. For instance, will I need to provide anything beyond the serial number of the copy I'm running.


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