I Want to Re-number Slides in Story View (not on the player menu)

I searched a handful of previous posts - as of 6 months ago, this hasn't been resolved but I'll put this out there in case this has changed recently.

As I totally restructure a previous course, I add new slides and move previous slides around while deciding where things should be.  In doing so, all the slide numbers are out of order.  I understand that I can individually change slide triggers so that they route to the correct slide instead of sending them to "next slide" but this is a bulky step to do over and over again as things are shuffled around.  Furthermore, the more I do this, the more out of whack things get as I continue to drag and drop my slides.

Again, I understand I can get around this, but I'm wondering if there is a simpler way.  If there is, I'd love to hear it, but if not then just let me know and perhaps I will submit it as a request for a future feature.


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Walt Hamilton

Although Storyview drives our OCD friends  to the brink of despair, remember: WHAT YOU SEE IN STORYVIEW IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO PROGRAM FLOW DETERMINATION. It is merely a visual representation of how the triggers are set up.

There is VERY little about program flow that you can change from StoryView. If you have a trigger that jumps to the next slide, you can identify which slide is next by dragging it. Otherwise, almost anything you do in StoryView to change program flow is wasted effort and can be VERY frustrating.

Also note that the learner will not see numbers unless you set the menu to automatically number the slides, in which case, the slides will show a sequential number, not the storyview number.

While only you see these numbers, I realize that it can be frustrating to find the correct slide while using the drop-down list of slides if they aren't numbered well.

Check the attached video. This course doesn't have much branching yet, but you can see how you can select multiple videos (I used Shift-click) and renumber them all at once.