I want to see the results slide after EACH question in the quiz...

I am making a quiz game in Storyline and I want to have users be able to get the questions randomly (which I think I have figured out in the Question Bank), but I haven't figured out how to make it work so that they can see the results slide after EACH question to see their score grow. Do I have to have multiple results slides? If I just have one, how do I make it go to the next question instead of back to the same one on a particular slide? Do variables in states work on results slides (I have them choosing a character at the beginning and that character reappears throughout the quiz game by changing the state of the character based on the variable set at the beginning)? How does this quiz/results slide branching look in the story view? Ack! I know how I WANT it to work, and I'm pretty sure it's possible, but I'm not sure how to do it! Any help is appreciated!


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Saenna B Ahman

Hi amy i think an easier way to do this would be to just show a variable reference on your slides (that way you wouldn't have to add separate slides to show results - you could just show the tally on your quiz slides as the user moves through the quiz.  Here's how to insert the value ...make a textbox and then with your cursor in the text box, click the Insert tab, then click the REFERENCE button on the ribbon. Then choose the variable called Results.ScorePoints. It will add the name of the variable, with percent signs around it. But that gets replaced with the actual number when you publish. i hope that makes sense