I want users to fill out the questions they want to ask

Hi, I want the teachers to fill out their own multiple questions they want to ask. Then I get them into storyline and SCORM them for them students on the LMS.

Basically, I will be building them with storyline but I want the teachers to fill in the exact or nearly exact user interface for the questions.

I tried to screenshot for example the multiple choice slide and then put in the text entry for the teacher to fill in. Then on the 'results slide' it says "you wanted this question, with these answers, and the correct answer is this".

How can I do this without going around the houses? Or have I missed something?

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Mike Taylor

Welcome to the community Carol! Are you looking for an efficient way to collect questions and answers from your teachers? If so you could set up an Excel template or use a survey tool like Survey Gizmo or even a Google docs form. Any of those would let you collect them all in a single spreadsheet and allow you to sort, edit, review etc all the questions in one place. 

You could do this in Storyline using variables but it may not be the most efficient if you will be taking what you collect and creating quizzes from there. 

Let me know if that's not what you had in mind.