I wish a picture to disappear in a drag and drop quiz

Jul 10, 2014

Hi All

I have make a "convert to freeform" with "drag and drop" with 6 pictures and also a picture with a wastepaper basket

I wish when a draw the picture to the wastepaper basket that it disappear when it comes there.

I have make the picture of the wastepaper basket in front, but it dont help.

What should I do?

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Parashuram Vhaval


You can do it by using trigger as well as using only states too.

If you are using trigger you just need to apply one trigger every drag object to change its state from normal to hidden when dropped over waste paper

And if you want to use states you can add drop over state and keep it black and in drag and drop activity settings panel allow storyline to show object dropped states before submitting results.

According to me first step will be more useful, if you do it correctly.

Meryem M

Bo, the "correct" way will depend on what you want to do with this interaction. Do you want it graded? Do you need feedback for incorrect and correct choices? Does the interaction need to be completed before the learner can progress?

I have attached a simple drag and drop. There are no Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states on the objects. There is no Submit button. But there is some feedback if the learner gets lazy.

Bo Toennesen

Dear Merym

Thanks a lot- you are quite good to make triggers, and it is funny what happend if peopel dont do it right,

I have newer seen grafic in the text in the triggers for bevel, Cube and smiley face, how do you do that?

It will take me some times to understand all you triggers, but now I know the right way to go,

I have newer thinking about som many triggers to get the result and I have newer thinkl about Cube1 and Cube 2 and so on, that is as new world you open there for me.

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