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Dennis Hall

Hi Pierre:

I have not specifically dealt with the IBM Kenexa, however, I have a great deal of LMS / LCMS troubleshooting and development experience.

Most often, resolving one issue will resolve others or allow you to simplify troubleshooting other symptoms.

Can you tell us what your top 3 symptoms are?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

homer simpson

Hi everybody,

We are looking into replacing Kenexa as we've been using it for 10+yrs as a content (asset) management and delivery tool.

We are now looking for it's replacement and articulate is one of the contenders.

Can we use Articulate as an asset manager (create once, use many) or would we still need an LCMS for this? 


Lindy Mantin

Hi Everyone,  

I am looking at the functionality of LCMS' too.   I would love to see an integration or ability to leverage our Storyline capabilities (cause it's awesome) with Kenexa.   If there is any way to leverage the re-use of content capability and instant update of content that I can get from Kenexa with the beauty and creative freedom of Articulate 360.   That would be awesome!!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lindy, 

I haven't seen much mention of Kenexa in the forums for quite some time! Looks like my last reply here was 5 years ago. 😲 

You may want to look at connecting with a few of the folks here in the discussion by using the "Contact Me" button on their profile to gather more details. I looked around Kenexa's website and didn't see how you'd upload content there, but it's also worth asking your Kenexa team if you can upload HTML files or SCORM output there (both are options from Articulate publishing). 

Hope that helps!