Icon size since newest Update (Storyline 2 Update 5)

Hello togehter!


Does anyone have the problem that the icon size changed since installing the newest Update? In our projects every icon is shown much bigger than before.

To us that means to resize the icon size at innumerable places! Does anybody has an idea to fix that!?!


Or is there anybody who has the same issue? If yes please submit a supportcase, or commit in this discussion.


Thank you



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Evelyn

yes - happened to us.  In SL2 update 4 if we upgraded a course from SL1 all our custom nav buttons were shrinky dink size and we had to up them to '36' font.  Now with SL2 Update 5, our projects that we upped to '36' are nearly jumping off the screen and smacking the user so we have had to reduce to '24'...very frustrating.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Evelyn and Wendy - 

Thank you for your input, and varying font sizes between versions is a known issue, currently with our QA team. I will add this thread to the ticket so that your concerns are documented, as well. I would like to note that if you changed icon sizes after going from SL1 to SL2, there was a fix in the SL2 Update 5 to keep sizes as they were in SL2 (although that will not help if you've already changed all the sizes). Rest assured, when I receive more information from QA, I will be sure to share it here.