Icons Inserted Play to end of Slide and can't control timing in Storyline 360

The title of my discussion pretty much says it all...I use icons a ton and they are the most frustrating things in SL360.

When I insert an icon it defaults to play to the end of the slide AND when you right click it in timeline there is no timing option meaning I then have to drag it all the way back through the timeline to where I want.

This is a complete time suck and something that is a very basic request the developers should fix.

What's also a problem is that this behavior happens on some icons but not all from the content library...meaning there is a mechanism for fixing this is just hasn't been applied to all icons.


What we really need is a way to specify on a per project basis (or even just global preferences)  the default insertion timing for all media:

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Why is this still not done? Please make this a priority.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Robert,

I can understand why you would be frustrated! Those icons definitely shouldn't appear at the end of the timeline, and I'm sure you don't want to manually change the timing for every icon.

Have you checked that the blue playhead is located at "0" seconds when you insert the icon? Here's a Peek that explains what I mean.

Let me know if that helps!

Emma Crossley

Yes the playhead is at 0...it has to do with them being inserted with "Play until end" already marked AND no timing option when I right click.

To be clear, images insert this way too, but they usually have the timing option available.

In either case, having to go and adjust EVERY image, shape, and icon I insert is a giant time suck...and honestly a pretty basic thing to fix.

I know this is not the first time it has been mentioned though couldn't find any actual discussions about it.


(FYI I got a bad gateway error when trying to view your PEEK screencast.)

Emma Crossley

View the Peek screencast linked below.

Note that all three inserted items..SHAPE, ICON, and PICTURE default inserted to "Show Until End" meaning extra work to remove that EACH TIME.

Also note that the Icon I inserted did NOT have the TIMING option when I right-clicked.

I just picked one icon, but rest assured there are MANY that have this issue.

Here's link: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/b57779bd-adf9-4934-8c15-353c504f6844/review


Tom Kuhlmann

When you have grouped objects, you won't see the timing option except inside the group on individual objects.

Some of the icons are single vectors (which will show the timing) and some are grouped vectors (which doesn't as a group). 

That's how the vectors were created so there's not much we can do at this end and unfortunately, there's not a way to know which ones are grouped vs not-grouped before inserting.

Emma Crossley

And Tom...while I appreciate you saying you inserted a number of icons and didn't have the problem, here's another screencast where i typed woman into the search box and picked the first three on the list and ALL were missing the Timing option.

Link: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/5357ca56-8919-43c5-a6fc-c5096a09faa5/review

I have to believe that if the first three of one keyword have the issue, this is indicative of a large number of icons across the library.

And again to be clear there are TWO issues:

1) The timing issue being missing from icons

2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, we end users should be able to choose the default settings when inserting all media and not be stuck with whatever the developers of SL360 think makes sense.

Emma Crossley

TOM, that is an incredibly lame excuse for something..either the developers need to make all icons the same way or solve the issue another way. 

YOU really expect us to have to do that much work to solve a timing issue that shouldn't exist in the first place?

Emma Crossley

Apologies for sounding negative above, but it makes little sense to me why we are beholden to this rigidity in terms of default timing.

And as for the grouped vectors, I feel there is a mechanism to allow for timing as group, just as if I were to take three objects and manually group them, I could then adjust the timing of the newly formed group.

Surely there is a way for that same functionality to be applied to icons with grouped parts?

Tom Kuhlmann

No need to apologize, I can see your perspective on it. 

We do want to make the software as efficient and functional as possible. If you want a specific feature to control those default settings, you are always welcome to submit a feature request. The developers review all of the requests and prioritize them based on demand and other points of value.

As far as grouping of other objects, they work just liked the grouped vectors. They also have the absence of the timing feature. This makes sense because one can have multiple objects on the slide and each could have different timing and they could all be in the same group.

The feature to move them all is to open the group, select them all, and then access the timing.