Icons/Symbols Next to Anwers on Quiz Review

I have created a nifty template for my quiz questions.  I think it looks pretty good.  When I tested it, I noticed that upon quiz review the little check or "X" that appears next to the answers during review is partially covered by the shape that contains the answer.

Basically, I need to check (see attachment) to be further to the left so that it can be more readily seen.

Does anyone know how to do this?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi John

the placement in your template is the same as in the standard slide but because you are using the green file colour on your option box it's conflicting.  With the standard 'no fill' it doesn't look too cramped.


There is no way to move the default one but you could create your own review layer and add a button with a tick or cross and reposition it.  Not ideal but a workaround if you need to use the green colour theme.

Here is a sample one I did the other day. It's a SL2 file. Hope that helps.


John Morris

Thank  you so much for your response, Wendy.  Your sample was very helpful.  I have tried to do the same in my story but the default check is still there, along with the shape that I input to the review layer.

I notice in your sample that the default check is not there ( I moved the shapes and looked).  How do I get rid of the default check so that only the shape that I put on the review layer is visible?

Wendy Farmer

Ah...ok John my bad...that sample was because it was a Freeform quiz type that didn't show the tick which is why we added one. 

Ok - here is your file updated with the review layer on the T/F.  On the review layer I added a blue rectangle in front of the radio buttons and filled same as background, then added the button with tick on top.  Very rough but it might give you an idea. Bit fiddly but it will help you maintain your colour theme.  Alternatively you could recreate the T/F as a Pick One.

Hope that helps.