Ideal story size for both ipads and desktop

Nov 02, 2016

While there are several discussions on this site regarding the topic of the ideal story size setup for iPads, such as this one, they are quite old.  What is the latest thoughts on the best choice for the dimensions of a story size that would work both for iPads and desktop?  That old discussion says 720 X 540, a strict 4x3 ratio, while the good folks at elearning brothers says 988 x 643, not exactly 4X3.


What is the current consensus? What is working for other firms? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for linking to the similar thread Gordon :) Hopefully some of your fellow community members will be able to pop in and share their experience and best practice with you. I did want to mention that we have much more design related content over on our Building Better Courses forum and didn't know if you'd like to reach out there as well.

Bruce French

Check this out, gives you all the iscreen info you need, well, resolution and ratio are what you need. Make your settings match, at least the right ratio. I usually just select scale to fill in the other tab of the player options and that tends to be sweet. You may need to consider whether you're displaying at full screen or within a browser though which might account for elb's discrepancy.

Gordon UBS Lam

@Leslie - thanks for the info and the quick response, although I must admit I am surprised Articulate didn't have a specific answer or a best practice. But I will check out that forum.

@ Bruce- Thanks for the link - that's great info to have. We are trying to target the generic safari browser, which as you may know does not offer full screen viewing. All those device settings as 4X3,  so I will have to do a bit of calculation.  The other challenge is that the 'story size' setting in Storyline, as I understand it,  only speaks to the internal size of the content area, not the full size of the published product with the GUI interface.

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